Thursday, July 2, 2009

How to get Virtually unlimited online backup storage with Live Mesh

As you may already know Live Mesh Online Storage currently offers 5GB of online storage. This amount of data is enough if you are backing up documents as DOCs or plain text files, but if you want to store music, photos, large multimedia files, storing them into one account will quickly add-up to the limit. To expand this 5GB limitation we will use an excellent sharing functionality of Live Mesh.

Lets looks at the example. We want to setup backup for our Photos, Music, Documents. We will need to create a separate live or hotmail accounts for each of them, say,, and All these accounts will need to link with main account say


After creating my_docs account login into using it and connect to Live Desktop.

DocsLiveMesh1 DocsLiveMesh2

Double click on ‘Create new folder’ Icon and enter ‘Documents’ in the name field.

DocsLiveMesh3 DocsLiveMesh4

Once folder is created double click it to open it and click Members and then Invite to enter address of your main account.


After clicking OK Email will be sent to account which will have a link to accept an invitation. After that ‘Documents’ folder will be linked to your main mesh account and will be visible in the list of folders.

These steps need to be repeated for photos and music and add virtually unlimited number of folders.

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