Saturday, January 23, 2016

Install NVidia Graphic Drivers on ASUS ROG G750JW

ASUS ROG G750JW comes with GEFORCE GTX NVidia 2GB graphic card. To get a full power of this card on Debian we need to install nvidia drivers for it. Debian Wiki NvidiaGraphicsDrivers article describes several ways to do it. Here I am going to summarise the steps that worked for me.

  1. Add SteamOS repository to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/steamos.list, for example:

  2. deb brewmaster main contrib non-free
  3. Update the list of available packages. Install the appropriate nvidia driver and related packages from SteamOS repository:

  4. # aptitude update
    # aptitude install -t brewmaster libegl1-nvidia:amd64 libgl1-nvidia-glx:amd64 libgl1-nvidia-glx:i386 libgl1-nvidia-glx-i386 libgles1-nvidia:amd64 libgles2-nvidia:amd64 libnvidia-eglcore:amd64 libnvidia-ml1:amd64 libxnvctrl0 nvidia-alternative nvidia-driver nvidia-driver-bin nvidia-kernel-dkms nvidia-modprobe nvidia-settings nvidia-vdpau-driver:amd64 xserver-xorg-video-nvidia
This will also install the recommended nvidia-driver package. DKMS will build the nvidia module for your system. Restart your system to enable the nouveau blacklist.


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