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Friday, October 29, 2010

Using Twitter for Business

We all know that success of any business is in its people. The wider network of contacts business has, the more people will know about it and the greater chances some of them will use  services business offer. With raise of networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. more companies are trying to workout if these sites are suitable for use in the business marketing, increasing level of support, and getting better connections with their customers. In this post I am listing some popular sources from Internet about using Twitter social networking site for business.

Internet Sites about Using Twitter for Business

Twitter 101 for Business — A Special Guide - This is a very interesting site providing a lot of useful information like guides, best practices, case studies and handful references to many other resources like books, tips and tricks, and links to other related sites

Using Twitter for Business – a free e-book from Duct Tape Marketing

50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business – This is an excellent post listing the steps to get started in ides about what to tweet and how to survive in the information overload.

4 Ways Companies Use Twitter for Business – another post with business ideas for Twitter

How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Business – one more if not enough

Twitter Tools and Applications

10 valuable Twitter utilities for business users

Twitter Fan Wiki / Apps – a very long list of Twitter applications for any platform

How To Backup Your Twitter Archive