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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Creating self extracting zip EXE under Linux for windows

Recently, I had a need to create a self extracting zip archive, which will open on any windows machine. Because, I am using Linux, I did not want to go through the process of installing the windows with 7z on it just for a sake of creating that archive. I was expecting that the process will be not trivial, as some of internet resources show, but all turned out very simple. Peazip archiver available for Windows as well as Linux, which is able to create self extracting exe archive. I downloaded portable version for 64 bit machine and when creating a new archive you get an option to create self extracting file in a single volume or split by chosen size.

What I found, peazip creates small archives that extract under windows machine just fine. If you need to zip large amount of files say > 1 GB, I would suggest to create normal archive, which can span several files of set size and then use 7zip on windows computer to extract them.



Sunday, June 26, 2016

Recording Music CDs under Win 7

From days of Windows
95, Windows 98, Windows XP CD/DVD burners and writers were only
coming out on the market and computer users were required to install
additional software, which will allow them to burn CD and DVD disks.
Disk writing software like Nero was included for free with the CD/DVD
burner you could buy for your desktop computer or included on new
laptop. Modern Windows operating system like Windows 7, Vista,
Windows 8 and Windows 10 already have built in support for burning CD
/ DVD music, data and video disks. Users can use included Windows
Media Player to rip and burn music CDs.

Under Windows 7 to burn audio CDs insert CD disk in disk drive and in Windows Media Player open Burn tab, drag music files you want to burn. The blue bar shows how much space left on the disk. Once files are selected click Start burn to start recording on the disk.

Data CDs / DVDs can be burned directly from Windows Explorer. Disk image files with ISO extension can be burned using right mouse click on the file and selecting "Burn disk image".

If you still require more features than the basic functions to burn disks look through available free and commercial applications available on sites like filehippo